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Student Internship at KSLA~ First Reaction

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Broadcast journalism is not at all what I expected. I don’t mean that this is a bad thing, but definitely not what I thought a television news station would be. This is, however, my first experience in a news station, so my expectations were perhaps a little adolescent.

I am an intern from LSUS in Shreveport, LA and am currently interning at KSLA NEws 12. My entire life I have known that I want to work in the media, specifically as a television news anchor. The absence of studio chairs, makeup, and hair spray filled air is replaced by a police scanner, the clicking of keyboard, and verbal communication about the newest stories and ideas.

My initial hopes of glamour and local fame were replaced with hard stories and constant news updates. I have began my internship with the 5 and 6 oclock producer, whom has been very patient and taught me a lot.

With this blog, I intend to track what I have learned through my internship, but also the differing experiences that I encounter. This is my first blog, but I am excited to report about my preparation for my occupation to come!

Alleigha Cross Procell

Written by anchorintraining

June 4, 2010 at 7:11 pm

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