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Producing- Different Systems

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If there is one job in journalism to not be taken for granted, then it should be that of a producer. Perhaps it is my being new, but this job is complicated!

There are so many responsibilities that producers have, and most of which are detrimental to the newscast.

The part that confuses me most is the different systems that producers must navigate through to sufficiently put together a newscast.

First, there are all of the different places that they go to get stories and information for each story. I have found it easiest to use the News Wire on ENPS courtesty of the Associated Press. There are several other places that these producers check to get the most accurate, up to date information. I also enjoy watching and listening to the police scanner.

Each story has to have accurate scripting, but also graphics and video that are easily viewable and understandable. There are several important steps that must be followed to attach these, and this is a process that has remained confusing for me.

Today, the producer that assists me, showed me how to search for the video, how to attach it, and then even showed me the basic steps in editing it in the editing station. She then showed me how to review the video to ensure that it was edited adequately and to my liking.

Another confusing part, to me, of a producers job is the use of macros in ENPS. Of course, overtime I am sure that these codes become more easily identifiable…but for myself, I am easily confused! My producer runs through this with ease, however, and is very comfortable using this system.

I have been taking notes daily, and am now at my own station assisting with mostly national news voice overs. The more that I work on the system the more comfortable I become. Hopefully, by the time I complete my internship, I will seem less amateur and more professional in my new setting.

Alleigha Cross Process

Written by anchorintraining

June 7, 2010 at 4:50 pm

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