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I have been working at the news station for about two weeks now and my views on it change everyday.  At first I was a bit disappointed in my experience, but now I am beginning to appreciate how different the station is from what I initially expected.

My favorite part of working with the producer is getting the news in as soon as it happens.  Just in my short time here, I was at the station to hear some pretty interesting news come in. 

I was here following the updates on Gary Coleman.  At the beginning of the day the reports that he was in the hospital changed to his actual death- which I assisted in writing into a package.

The most interesting was listening to the scanner and updating information as a murder suicide was taking place locally.  Hearing the action on the police scanner, and translating that information into news was an awesome experience (despite the sadness of the news we were reporting).

My time at the studio has given me a further appreciation for news.  Having viewers call in with comments and suggestions, and for clues to help with stories we are building remind me of why I am interested in this career.  I am really enjoying my time at KSLA News 12.

Alleigha Cross

Written by anchorintraining

June 11, 2010 at 6:37 pm

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