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Every time I write I feel like a child- so impressed with small accomplishments that professionals in my field do so easily.  My confidence is there, it is just hard to exert myself without feeling like a know-it-all.  Making friendships and becoming more comfortable in the business has made it easier for me to give ideas and to do things more independently.

Today, I rode again with Adria.  The story today was concerning safety for officers on patrol.  We rode with the sergeant of the traffic division for SPD (Don Vishnefski) as he pulled over two different vehicles on I-49. 

The first vehicle was a routine traffic stop, but the second was a little more worrisome.  A motorcyclist displaying his membership with the biker gang, “Grey Ghosts” was pulled over.  Although he did nothing out of line, seeing his extensive criminal history made me a bit nervous.  Both were let go with tickets, since both of them were travelling over twenty miles over the designated speed limit.

Being on the scene, recording, is so interesting to me.  The opportunity for anything to happen, and new information and leads is the neatest thing.  Just in the interview with the officer, there were several leads dropped to other potentially good stories.

After returning, I was assigned to record and lay down the script for an airport meeting story.  A story that I then wrote on my own, with far less edits than usual ( 🙂 ).  I am really beginning to love it working at a news station.  Everything about it is so interesting to me and different than any other experience I have ever had.  I have always had niche for news, but now I am really getting the itch!

Alleigha Cross Procell

Written by anchorintraining

June 29, 2010 at 8:25 pm

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