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Today I really felt the pressure!

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I spent most of today assisting the producer with the twelve o clock live show.  There were several things that went wrong today though.  When we got into the booth, the pressure was on!

Some part of the system was down, so there were no supers in the nine oclock shows.  The producer was frustrated about this, but problems continued on into the twelve oclock as well.  With several new breaking news that KSLA 12 was the first to cover, the news director was very specific in the angle and timing he wanted each section to air.  A live shot was added close to print time, so the producer was left rearranging most of the finished script, 15 minutes before air time!

This did leave opportunity for me to get to write a couple of stories for the show.  These were national stories, but were exciting to hear my words on air all the same!  The stories will be uploaded into my library media.  The stories were about the Russian spies posing at US secret agents, the NASA external gas tank travelling from New Orleans to Florida for the last space shuttle mission, and the arrest of 3 Al Quaeda terrorists in Norway.

I am really enjoying working at the news station and cannot wait to being this everyday!

Alleigha Goodman Procell


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July 8, 2010 at 6:54 pm

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