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Yesterday was a slower day.  So much news had happened the previous day that reporters, and producers alike, were all working to complete research valuable to the packages they were creating concerning different elements of the day before’s events.  We were all busy trying to find people for interview, a task that proved quite difficult. 

A producer showed me how to complete stories that would be posted on the website.  She informed me that web uses the same skeleton story as the television version, but then you are able to add to it.  Therefore, a web story is much like that of newspaper.  Also, the headlines are similar to the slug but more detailed; the location should always be included in the web slug.

I completed my media portfolio today with my demo tape!  Several people took time out of their busy work day to let me recreate the entire noon cable lineup.  I faltered a little, but am pretty pleased with my final results.  It was fun sitting in the anchor’s chair, reading away, while packages were fed into my demo.  It looks very professional and was much appreciated!

Yesterday was my very last day of my internship at KSLA News 12.  My emotions concerning the station and broadcast journalism have evolved so much from when I first began.  I was beginning to form a connection with so many of my coworkers and really felt like I was becoming part of the team.  I am very sad to leave.

I have a job prospect in internet marketing and feel that I will follow that opportunity, but would love to work with the people at KSLA News 12 if that doesn’t work out!  My experience at KSLA News 12 will forever be remembered and appreciated!

Alleigha Cross Procell


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July 24, 2010 at 4:01 pm

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